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Introduction to PortML

PortML is a managed platform for securely sharing datasets, algorithms and experiments

Stand on the shoulders of the Machine Learning community

Seamless code integrations

Easily import and export datasets, pipelines, and experiments from your favourite machine learning environments and libraries.

View of a terminal window and datasets
Illustration showing data stored in the cloud

Reproducible and transparent machine learning

The OpenML integrations make sure that all uploaded results are linked to the exact (versions) of datasets, workflows, software, and the people involved. We generate predictions locally using exact procedures and evaluate them server-side so that results are directly comparable and reusable in further work.

Huge repository of diverse datasets

All datasets are uniformly formatted, have rich, consistent metadata, and can be loaded directly into your favourite environments.

schematic view of different datasets in a database

The benefits

Intensify collaboration

Facilitate knowledge exchange and workforce collaboration.

Secure knowledge

Allow experts and novices to team up efficiently.

Automatically organized

Organize machine learning experiments and automate your workflow.

Better results

Reproduce the best results from experts. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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    Explore data sets ready to be used in projects

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    Upload, explore and reproduce results online

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    A community of machine learning enthousiasts

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    Find or add data analysis flows

Combine and use existing results – data, algorithms and models – to learn from millions of reproducible machine learning experiments

Machine learning pipelines automatically shared from many libraries.

Platform Features

Analyze data
Data sets automatically analyzed, annotated, and organized online
Algorithm repository
Machine learning pipelines automatically shared from many libraries.
Use your favorite tools
Extensive APIs to integrate OpenML into your own tools and scripts
Reproducible experiments
Reproducible results (e.g. models, evaluations) for easy comparison and reuse
Collaboration made easy
Collaborate in realtime, right from your existing tools
Secure sharing
Securely manage your organization’s¬†Machine learning¬†knowledge.
Open source tools to automate experimentation and model building
Support when you need it
Support comes with an SLA that meets the requirements of organizations.